How to win Ruzzle.

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Ruzzle is a smash and hit game from MAG interactive, an application developer for Android and iphone. The Ruzzle application is best suited to meet the requirements of the iphone and Android operating systems platforms. If a player wants to know how to win Ruzzle, then he or she must first get acquainted with SOWPODS, which is an integrated version of the two previous scrabble dictionaries; Official Scrabble Words (OSW) and The Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary (OSPD). This integrated version now comes with the Ruzzle cheat, a multilingual updated application that easily creates and coins words that may help enthusiastic Ruzzle player to win a Ruzzle game.
The Application tasks a player to find the most words on board in the shortest time possible by swiping fingers across the screen and the best player with the highest total number of scores wins. Playing Ruzzle however requires skills in order for a player to win. One needs to learn how to win Ruzzle in order to emerge a victor.

The following are the ways through which one can win a Ruzzle game: A player can use the Ruzzle solver. The Ruzzle Solver is one application than can unanimously lend a ‘helping brain’ to a player in a Ruzzle contest.

How to win Ruzzle ? Is there a  Ruzzle cheat  ?

All the sixteen letters on the board must be entered by rows from left to right starting from the top left corner. Thereafter the player will need to use an asterisk for the wild card. Make sure the transparent mode overlays the Ruzzle solver at the top of the game such that the Ruzzle letters are easily introduced. Finally hit the search and the Ruzzle solver will give a long list of words, with the actual words correctly spelt at the notification bar. This requires no internet connection. Another ultimate option when choosing a cheat application is to settle for the Rumble cheat which is supported both by the android and the iPhone. All a player needs to do is to take a screen shot in the Ruzzle and quickly load it to the Ruzzle cheat. The algorithm will swiftly find incredible words for the player.

Close the Ruzzle with a task killer and restart it after you have written the letters because it sometimes trickily gives you unlimited time when transferring characters to the cheat application which may make you lose a game. This application will in turn find inconceivable words to give the player the highest scores in the game. However, this Ruzzle cheat is most compatible with the iPhone, the iPod touch and the i pad compatible with the 3.2 iPhone Operating System.
Closing the internet connection in the middle of a game is one strategy that can help scoop a win. The game can then be replayed after the connection to the internet is restored. This gives you an opportunity to put a longer word with the highest score that can mastermind victory.

A player shouldn’t also forget that confidence and speedy focus are very key in winning a rumble game.

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