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Ruzzle, previously known as Rumble, is a newly flourishing and a bestselling game. The game rank among the top most downloads for Apple and Android platforms with over millions of downloads in a short span of time. The game’s playfield comprises of four rows with 16 random letters, excluding the letters Q, X and Y. The goal is to as much number of words as possible with the 16 random letters in two minutes. The bonus point boxes and the score fields are the same for both Ruzzle and Wordfeud. TW is thrice the word times, DW is twice the word times, TL is thrice the character times and DL is twice the character times. Here are a few Ruzzle cheats that you can follow.

Always follow a specific order in the ruzzle playfield: Try to progress in a specific order or from a specific point, the top left, for instance, in your ruzzle cheats playfield and make your progress along the playfield. This enables you to cover up all possible words without missing any and avoids unnecessary confusion. You will be able to find more words within a short span of time as you follow a certain sequence.

Play with friends: Any game, when played with friends gets more and more interesting and exciting, so does ruzzle.

Try to extend your words: Any word you make, try to make it as long as possible. For instance bike, biker, bikes, etc.

Reversal: There are certain words that possess a meaning even in the reversal structure. So, always remember to revise the words you have made to check for its reverse order. For instance, TRAP becomes PART when reversed.

Inhibit time loss: Stay away from any disturbances in order to play ruzzle without any hindrance. Once you start playing the game, it takes two minutes for it to end and hence, cannot be paused unless and until you receive a call. Also remember to take your time while playing the game.

Inhibit frequent logins: The game is designed in such a way that you will have to login after every time you close it. Therefore, make sure that you don’t close the game often, instead keep it running in the backdrop. The upgraded version of the game is always better in documenting your information than the free version.

Remember to observe the excess value fields: Value fields have the ability to double or triple your points. Therefore, keenly observe the location of the word value blocks in the ruzzle playfield. These blocks are similar to those in Wordfeud.

Check your internet connection: Another important ruzzle cheats is the proper connection of your internet. Sometimes, you may lose your progressed game if your connection hangs in between.

Three total rounds: If you happen to lose the first round of your game, you have two more rounds to prosper.

Automatic pause: If you happen to receive a call in the middle of your game, it gets automatically paused by the game system.



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