Rumble now Ruzzle! its just a name change!

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People might be puzzled (or ruzzled ?) with the name change of Rumble to Ruzzle. Anyhow, doesn’t it sound better than Rumble? i  don`t know actually.

However there is nothing to worry; it’s only the change of the name, not any single feature of the game. No any ruling of the game has been changed. You all game players can play the game as before but with a new feeling of new name. It’s really a hitting name than Rumble. Rumble is now Ruzzle! That’s all!

Brand protection

MAG interactive, the producer of Ruzzle app decided to change the name of their own application rumble to Ruzzle, just because they need to have a better brand protection for this well famous application. MAG interactive is a Sweden based company who were engaged in the field of developing and designing. They launched their own application Ruzzle app, the word game in March 2012 to the gaming market.

Surprisingly, this word game hit the market and just after three months of launch, it could attract around 4 million of players all over the world. The biggest growth is presently in England, Germany and France, but this application is using in about 150 countries in the world.  This game is available for both iPhone and Android. The application is available in several languages and further improvements are being introduced by MAG interactive. Meantime, they decided to change the name to build up a better trademark for the game, as a result, the Rumble now Ruzzle came in to the market.

They hope that with this new name, Ruzzle app will get more and more market shares in the gaming market, which will lead for them to execute their new ideas in the line. MAG interactive is hoping to introduce more games with this trademark in future. It is clear that, the reason for the name change from Rumble to Ruzzle is, for nothing else , it is just for to build up a brand recognition for them to expand their market share and to introduce more and more products to the market under the  new brand name.

Anyhow, it is still a question whether the players already lined up with the name of Rumble are willing to change their mind to take the name Ruzzle. Some of them love Rubble, as they are now used for that name. This will be another challenge for MAG interactive to make their customers mind towards the name Ruzzle app. 4 million of players, in fact not a small number, has to accept the name change. Rumble now Ruzzle! , will it be possible? Yes of course. It is just a good marketing strategy on the long term.

People always adjust for changes. But it has to be done systematically. What the MAG interactive tries to convince them is that, there are no any changes in the game itself; it is just a name change. No change of ruling, no change of playing system, no change of appearance, nothing. Just call it Ruzzle not Rumble and just stay tuned up for new gaming experiences coming to the market with Ruzzle brand.

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