How to score big on Ruzzle

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If you are a wordy person, like me, you love playing word games. I think I’ve played them all and love that they have become so common place on the android market so I can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. I love the challenge that they present to my wordy mind. The new Ruzzle app is yet another of these really fast pace word games. It is so fast paced that I found myself wondering how to score higher and make more words within the two minute window of game play per round. After ample research and admittedly lots of time spent enjoying the game, I can honestly say I love the game and can’t wait to share my findings with you. Here are my tried and tested top 10 tips for how to score big at Ruzzle!

  • Think fast: Though this may seem the obvious solution, it is worth mentioning. It is key to gaining the most points in the time allowed.
  • Have a game plan: It is important to have a set system for surveying the board that you follow each and every time. This will help to ensure that you don’t miss anything.
  • Never delay: When you see a word, play it! Don’t look for something better until you have played what you see. Even the small words add to your score. Leave no word behind!
  • Look at the pretty colors: All of the bonus letters are outlined with pretty colors. Don’t be afraid to let your eye be drawn to them, they are the best way to rack up loads of points. Focus on them and the area around them to make as many words as possible using them. Try combining bonus letters to receive multiple bonuses.
  • Combos are the ticket: Locating combo letters such as st, tr, cr, sh, th , and fr all increase the chance that you will make a longer, and weightier word. When you see combo letters look around and find what will make them work.
  • Double it: Pay close attention when you see double letters. Many times when you see doubles it could mean a much better word with more point potential.
  • Up size it: Always look for endings for your words, ed, s, es, er, even ful are all really great ways to increase the word size and add up more points, especially if any of your words have bonuses attached.
  • Flip it: Lots of words work backwards as well as forwards. Flipping your words is the easiest and most often missed way of gaining words and points.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! The best way to get better at anything is with effort and practice. Though the free version doesn’t offer the practice mode, free players can still practice by playing others and learning from their games and from their opponents as well.
  • Breathe: This is the thing that we should remember the most. Though the competition is exciting and the points are important you must remember that a clear head will give you better results. So relax, take a deep breath to clear your mind and then enjoy the game.

By remembering these 10 tips when using the Ruzzle app on your phone, you will see that your scores will increase, just as mine have. Enjoy the game and happy scoring!


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